Springtime Adventures!

Greetings from South Korea!!!

We hope that things are going well in Vermont and loved seeing your videos!! It looks like you have a lot of fun! This spring has also been filled with excitement in Yuchon, and we are all excited about the warm, sunny weather!

Recently, we had a school marathon and a fun trip together to an art museum. We got to ride to the museum in golf carts and had a lot of fun!!! Afterwards, we had extra time and got to wade and play in a nearby stream.

                      playing in the stream together                       our museum tour

In Korea, we have no school uniforms in public elementary schools, but middle school and high school students are required to wear uniforms. However, we  do have special traditional clothing called ‘hanbok‘. We wear hanbok on special occasions such as, holidays, birthdays and weddings. Hanbok comes in many different colors and styles. People who wear hanbok can visit Korean palaces in Seoul for free. Hanbok is very special and a reminder of our history.

efe473d2d37e68f618ffcfc33840ce68     <– Traditional Hanbok


The famous Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul











  • We have a question for you: what do you like to do in the summer in America? Are there any special holidays or events?




Hello from Vermont!

Hi! We were so excited to meet our new friends! Your lunch looks delicious! 🙂

Here is a picture of what we have for lunch. We always have to have a protein (pizza), a vegetable (corn), a fruit(oranges), and a dairy product(milk). Our lunches change every day, but pizza is one of our favorites.

IMG_5703 (1)

We want to know what do you wear to school? Do you have to wear school uniforms? Are there any special clothing you wear for holidays or celebrations? This is what we wear to school. We can choose what we want to wear: pants, t-shirt or long sleeved shirt, and sneakers.


This is us on beach day!

Here is a video of a song we like to sing in the morning!


Nice to Meet You!


Or in Korean, “Annyeonghaseo” 🙂 We at Yuchon Elementary are so happy to meet all of you!

In Korea, we speak Korean, and most subjects we study are similar. We start learning Hanja, or Chinese characters, and English in the 3rd grade, so this might be different. Sometimes, we have snow in the winter, but this winter no snow stayed on the ground. We are happy to have a playground and also like to play badminton and jump rope.

Below is a picture of a school lunch on a typical school day. It may look different from food in America, but it’s delicious! We eat rice, soup, kimchi, chicken and many vegetables at school every day. We want to know: What do you eat for lunch at your school cafeteria?


Below, we have posted an video to introduce ourselves.



Mission 1: Accepted

We located South Korea on a map and globe! We are amazed by how far away you are from Vermont.

What we think will be the same between our cultures: we both eat rice, have some of the same school materials (pencils, chairs, white board). We also think that you have school busses like we do!

What we think will be different between our cultures: we speak different languages (English and we aren’t too sure what you speak in South Korea!), we think that you learn different subjects than we do in school. We don’t think it snows there, and we aren’t sure if you have a play structure like ours to play during recess time!

We have included a video introducing ourselves! We are looking forward to meeting you all!

Welcome to an adventure!



Who?  Two elementary schools. One in the United States and the other in South Korea. We all want to know about life in the country of our sister school.

What?   Together we are going to explore life in different countries!!! So put on your thinking caps, and together we will have fun with new friends, learning about life in South Korea and the United States.

We can learn about:

1.  Food

2. Songs

3. Games
4. Famous Places
 5. Special traditions and  holidays 
                                                              …and many more fun topics! 😀